Thinking about a Spa Day at Home? 7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Well, thanks to the COVID situation, almost all of us are stuck at home. Life might be a great mess at this point of time, and having a spa might not be a solution to them. However, a spa day at home can release your stress factors and comfort your inner soul to make a fresh start. Take control of everything by pampering yourself in your exotic bathtub or take a hot shower after a little devotion to yourself.

If you haven’t had a spa day at home before then you need not fret out. Because it’s really simple and the fun thing about a spa at home is that you can personalize it, just the way you like it 😉! Make it hot and happening with the aroma you like or keep it as simple as applying a sheet mask. And, enjoy your ‘me-time’ with these easy spa hacks at your home. Who needs those ‘costs-a-fortune’ spa therapies when you can make your own spa at your residence? Experience luxury with the least effort you require for spa treatments.

  1. Enlight the Dais

You don’t have to turn your bathroom into a wellness center but there should be a minimum arrangement that is essential. First of all, your bathroom should be tidy enough. Dump clutter and make sure that nobody interrupts you at that time. Light aroma candles or use a humidifier for that professional-spa vibes.

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In addition, dim the lights and select a playlist of soothing songs. Don’t forget to grab your softest towels and wear your favorite bathrobe. If you’re into reading then you can carry away with your unfinished novels, too. Make it more relaxed with your favorite lemonade recipe or any drink you like. You’re doing all these to engage your senses so choose your add-ons as per your requirements.

  1. Start with Dry Brushing

After you have warmed up your necessities for your spa day, it’s time for some action. According to professional spa-therapists, dry brushing is something that you should never avoid. Generally, you might repeat the spa procedure once a month and dry brushing is a big yes for everyone. Before you jump to your cosiest shower enclosure, do a thorough dry brushing. 

Hopefully, you have a gentle body brush for such blissful events. However, you shouldn’t make random movements with the brush for this step. Ensure that you try circular and short strokes at the very beginning. Also, initiate from the lower parts of the body and gradually move upward. The direction should be towards your heart. What are the advantages of dry brushing, by the way?

Dry brushing exfoliates your skin and improves overall circulation. On the other hand, it gives you smoother and plump skin. Don’t escape applying a hydrating lotion after you’re done with the shower and spa.

  1. Mask for your Day-to-Day Glow

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The work stress, the pollution, and anything in between has stolen the magic of your skin. But, the credit goes to sheet masks or any kind of face mask that can retain your beauty and glow. When you are in the bathtub, wear a face mask and let it work on your skin. The quantity of serum infused in those masks is more than enough for your face, neck, and adjacent areas. Choose your favorite face mask and dive into the calm fragrance of the mask. Meanwhile, let the mask do its magic.

  1. Show Gratitude to your Hands and Feet

There has been the same mistake we all are repeating. And, that is not paying enough attention to our hands and feet. Additionally, the excessive use of hand wash and sanitizer is making our hands rough, lately. During the spa, you can reverse those effects by indulging in a hand massage with your choice of hand cream. A hand cream that contains hydrating and moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter is great.

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In addition, your heels might have got cracks and are getting drier day by day. Soak your feet in bath salts and you might add your preferable essential oil (like eucalyptus one). Prepare the solution in a big bowl of warm water. Soak your feet in it and file your nails or read your favorite book.

  1. Take an Extravagant Shower

You shouldn’t want your hair to be neglected at the auspicious moment of the spa. When you are shampooing and conditioning your hair then you have to make use of a shower. The most important factor behind a pacifying shower is the temperature of the water. When everybody might argue for a steamy session, we think that you should proceed from hotter to colder temperatures.

This will benefit your skin and hair. Additionally, cold washing your hair tames all the frizz. On the other hand, this shower practice is good for blood circulation. Make sure that you keep the last three to five minutes neutralizing the water temperature with your body’s temperature.

  1. How about a Lymphatic Body Massage?

Availing a home spa night might drive you to think that you would miss a relaxing body massage. But, trust us, you can give yourself a lymphatic massage to ease up your body and boost your energy against stress. Start massaging your body gently up toward collarbones. However, make sure that you avoid your extremities.

When it comes to massaging body parts above the neck, give a little pressure and make the movements towards your collar bones. The massage part will be less complicated if you include this in your shower timings. Apply your body wash during the shower and massage your body. Or, you can incorporate the same when applying your body lotion after a shower.

  1. Don’t Forget your Eyes

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Admit it or not, we all are frustrated due to fatigued eyes or dark circles around our eyes. A DIY mask with cucumber, caffeine, and licorice root can do wonders for your eyes. If you’re too lazy to make one, pick up a commercial eye mask for treating your eyes. If nothing goes according to your choices, slice cucumber and place those slices on your eyes. This recipe from our grandmas’ still works.


After you’re done with everything you desire, you can dry out yourself and wrap yourself in your bathrobe. Make sure that you apply ample amounts of body lotion for hydration. So, this Sunday, you can try out these tips and avail an amazing spa day or spa night. Before you go to bed, engage yourself in some meditation practices to get a sound sleep.

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