Top 10 Websites for Fun & Productivity

We know that you surf the internet for some serious sort of information. However, there are times when you are just passing your time or taking a break from your work. You might be chilling out on social media platforms. But, there are some specialized websites that can provide you with some fun activities. Additionally, they can be useful for specific instances.

Let’s find such websites across the internet. We are sure that you’ll find them exciting, too.

  1. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail temporary email review | TechRadar

Every time you need to use a service, you might have to register yourself with an email account. If you don’t want to cater your email account everywhere then this site can help you out. 10 Minute Mail lets you create an email account that remains valid for ten minutes. After that, it destroys itself. Just open up the website and you would discover a temporary mail address waiting for you!

  1. Supercook
SuperCook: Recipes By Ingredient - Apps on Google Play

Want to make something productive out of a chilling website? Then, you should head towards Supercook. If you don’t feel like going to the supermarket but you have to make something out of what you have at your home then Supercook will definitely assist you. Just mention all the ingredients you have at your home and it will present you with a huge list of recipes that can be made with those ingredients. Cool, isn’t it?

Another advantage of Supercook is that nothing goes to waste. You can make super-delicious dishes by using everything that has been stored for days in your refrigerator.


Who doesn’t get confused about the exact duration between two dates? We guess that we all do. But, from now on, you need not take extra stress as you can borrow some help from Still, counting how many days are left for your next birthday to arrive? Don’t bother yourself anymore; just go to and get the countdown.

  1. Pottermore
Pottermore & Active Theory Win Site of the Month October

Are you a fan of the Wizarding World or let’s just say of the Harry Potter franchise? Then, you shouldn’t miss this website. Relive your dream of childhood’s wizarding experience with Pottermore. Learn what’s your Patronus, which house you belong to, your wand type, and have some thrilling encounters with the virtual platform.

In addition, you can take part in exciting quizzes. If you’re not a Harry Potter fan yet, still, you’re gonna love it. Who knows you might start reading Harry Potter books and enjoy the legacy!

  1. What the Font

WhatTheFont - Apps on Google Play

If you recently come across a font that is beyond your knowledge or you find that interesting then you can try a website to know what font this is. Go to your web browser and type in What the Font. Now, explore the website and upload the picture of the text for which you want to discover the font.

  1. Screenr
Screenr - Screenr offers a web-based screen recorder that enables users to  create and share their screencasts around the web. | Startup Ranking

Want to record what’s going on your computer’s screen? Forget any complex application for such a simple task. Just land on the website named Screenr and you’re ready to capture whatever you want to. You can adjust the frame for recording. The website will also provide you with the instructions you require to record the screen. As a bonus service, you can share the recordings and screencasts with whoever and whenever you want.

  1. Lifehacker
LifeHacker Geek - Home | Facebook

If you have been looking for a website where you can find hacks for literally anything in life then Lifehacker is the destination. We are surprised by the versatility of content available here and find out useful content from Lifehacker. Learn how to manage your finances, how to organize desks, and so on with Lifehacker. 

Apart from such productive ideas, you can get some weird interest as well. For example, you can see posts on how to peel off fruits in ten seconds, or how to influence someone. Lifehacker is full of them. So, next time when you have nothing to do with the internet, do check the website.

  1. Imgur
Imgur - Wikipedia

Are you getting bored right now? Then, check out Imgur where you can find all the trending images of the current week. Just hang out with this website and you’ll be in a good mood. Why are we recommending this site when you’re using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Imgur has the latest content and you can share them with your friends on a variety of platforms.

  1. Wayback Machine
Wayback Machine - Wikipedia

Are you missing those good old days? Then, you can taste the nostalgic feel with the help of the Internet Archive’s innovation named Wayback Machine. Search for any website and it will provide you with a calendar from where you can pick a date and check how that particular website looked then. 

  1. Pixel Thoughts
Pixel Thoughts - Home | Facebook

If you have some me-time for yourself then make good use of it with Pixel Thoughts. This website is awesome for helping you out in meditation. Enter your thoughts that are currently bothering you and delve into satisfying graphics and audio. 

Those are our 10 favorite websites available for productive searches on the internet. Additionally, it’s fun to utilize them when you have nothing to do. Tell us which you enjoy the most.

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