Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2021

It’s not a secret anymore that the world now has more than one cryptocurrency. Back in 2009, when financial calamities startled the entire global economy, Bitcoin protocol was passed. Since then, more digital currencies have shown up. However, they might vary from each other with respect to degree of utilization and functionalities.

Now, digital currencies and investing in them have become the latest trend among investors. The amount of profit can be so huge through investment in digital currencies that investors can hardly keep their hands off from them. Here are some of the most beneficial cryptocurrencies that are showing potential for 2021 and beyond.


There might be controversies buzzing regarding this cryptocurrency and its utilities but you can’t deny its dominating nature. Still now, investors go with Bitcoin as their first choice in the field of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin runs on Blockchain technology that keeps every bit of information regarding your Bitcoin transactions as blocks of data. 

Bitcoin Cash is another innovation from Bitcoin developers and it also runs on Blockchain technology. Why should you invest in Bitcoin? This digital currency is derived from the latest technology and thus, it still occupies the young market. There are infinite ways in which the demand of Bitcoin is going to increase in the upcoming years.

Additionally, one can easily send Bitcoin overseas. It has a high adoption rate all over the world. Bitcoins are highly secure and flexible. We guess that these reasons are enough to convince you of investing in Bitcoins. 


In case you don’t prefer to go with Bitcoin, then we have an alternative to Bitcoin and it’s as popular as Bitcoin. Ethereum is an open-source, Blockchain-based software platform that you can use for sending or borrowing digital money. The interesting fact behind Ethereum is that no third-party is gonna interfere. So, you can be assured of no fraud, no downtime, and high security.

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. The ability to run smart contracts has made this digital currency as famous as Bitcoin. With smart contracts, you can safeguard the ownership of your home, cars, luxury, and much more. In addition, Ethereum is the future of tokenization. And, Ethereum is decentralized; no doubt, it can be a good reason behind buying Ethereum. 


As per renowned market experts, it is the right time for investing in cryptocurrencies. And, you can consider Polkadot as one of the promising digital currencies on the globe. Polkadot has acquired its unique place due to its unmatchable speed, uncompromised security features, and controlled governance. 

This cryptocurrency is also fueled by the Blockchain technology. And, you can clearly imagine the power and range of blockchain in today’s world. 
Here are top 3 cryptocurrencies that can be worth investing in 2021. You can download WazirX to keep track of your cryptocurrency investment, transactions, and much more.

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