On the 75th Year of Independence| Where do We Stand as a Country?

India celebrated its 75th Independence day on 15 August 2021. The journey to break down the walls of 200-year-old British rule wasn’t easy at all and with all the sacrifices ever made to our freedom, India’s independence does deserve a respectful celebration. But, this year’s celebration and realization of freedom are a bit different.

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India solemnizes ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ to make the 75th Independence day memorable. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, hoisted the national flag and inspired the nation from the Red Fort in New Delhi. The Prime Minister addressed, “We have to celebrate this festival of 75 years of Independence by taking 130 crore countrymen together. Public participation is the core spirit of this event. The country can’t progress by denying anyone’s contribution. The country goes forward by accepting and respecting everyone’s contributions and we want to follow this mantra.”

Additionally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi specified five agendas for the fruitful celebration of the 75th Independence day. They are Freedom struggle, Ideas at 75, Actions at 75, Achievements at 75, and Resolve at 75. He added, “Today, India is doing things that could not be imagined even a few years ago. India has reached here gradually in these 75 years. There are so many people’s contributions in this journey.”

Moreover, 240 Olympians, 32 Olympic winners, and so many COVID warriors were honored at today’s event. The theme of the 75th Independence day is ‘Nation First, Always First’. 

Well, it’s not a single-day commemoration; PM Narendra Modi drafts a roadmap for the upcoming twenty-five years to build a stronger nation with everyone’s equal effort and dedication. Let’s have a look at what is to be expected from future India.

Gati Sakti Plan

PM Narendra Modi announced Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti National Master Plan that sounds to be the biggest infrastructural progress jolt, no doubt. And, the investment sounded huge as it’s Rs. 100 Lakh Crores to set an exemplary foundation of infrastructure as well as employment opportunities in India. The main motto behind this Gati Sakti plan is to pave an integrated way to strengthen the country’s economy.

The Prime Minister has mentioned that the political will is one of the main attributes to bring the reforms for tomorrow. 

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Atmanirbhar Bharat Continues

We can recall this trademarked term from the tough timeline of the COVID pandemic from honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He decides to stick to the same plan for the next 25 years when India will be celebrating its 100 years of independence. With the promises of new resolutions, the upcoming twenty-five years have been declared as Amrit Kaal for Indians.

The most essential services should be reaching out to the remotest nooks of the country and that will be a priority for the government. In addition, the differences between cities and villages and their lifestyle will gradually fade out. PM Narendra Modi even mentioned that the government will discard all those non-essential interference for the sake of the progress of the nation. 

Military Schools for Girls

‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ has been a tremendous success in India, and now, Indian girls can get an equal opportunity to get educated. Sainik schools will open across India and girls are allowed to get education for free. It all started with a Sainik school in Mizoram, almost two years ago. And, currently, there are thirty-three Sainik Schools operating in total.

Sainik Schools Society, governed by the administration department of the Ministry of Defence, takes care of these Sainik Schools. The objective of Sainik Schools is to offer education to kids so that they can prepare themselves to join the Indian armed forces.

Deliberate Movement towards COVID Handling and Vaccination

COVID-19 has introduced a new chapter in every country’s life and India is not an exception. Especially, there are more challenges in handling COVID measures in a nation that holds more than 130 crores of citizens. But, the fact is that India needs not to rely upon other countries for availing of COVID-19 vaccines. This is the ultimate win of scientists and industrialists.

Additionally, PM Narendra Modi didn’t forget to mention the contribution of Indians to prevent the infection at different phases. He did praise doctors, paramedics, and nurses for fighting against the pandemic. Many COVID warriors were honored in this auspicious ceremony of independence celebration. Till now, over 54 crore people have been vaccinated against this deadly disease. The process of manufacturing more and more vaccines will be continued without any interruption.

Farming Policies

Apart from producing the blueprint till the celebration of the 100th Independence day for India, PM Narendra Modi is hopeful with realistic approaches towards the farming culture of India. He realized that small farmers don’t receive the attention that they deserve. 

That’s why he pronounced ‘Chhota kisan bane desh ki shaan’ to empower small farmers. He mentioned that small farmers will be offered the privilege to avail of new facilities.

Hydrogen Mission

After the current pandemic situation, climate changes are the most endangering factors. Keeping that in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a step towards producing and exporting green hydrogen. India is becoming independent when it comes to energy production and distribution.

The dream of turning Indian Railways zero carbon emitter has been initiated. And, you can expect the task to be done by 2030.

Well, the journey from ‘Make in India’ to ‘Ek Bharat’ is incredible. And, the globe will be waiting for such huge changes in India, no doubt.


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