6 Ways to Fix Privacy Error on Google Chrome

Let us guess, you open Google Chrome to browse a particular website and aw snap! Google Chrome might be showing, ‘Your connection is not private.’ Additionally, it keeps reminding you that if you try anyway then attackers can possibly steal all your personal information. Too many threats, isn’t it? 

Image courtesy: Google

However, you can easily overcome this issue. Basically, the error arises from the SSL certificate issue of that particular website. The SSL certificate might have expired or there has been a communication gap between the website and the Chrome browser. And, Chrome doesn’t suffer from this definite error. Other web browsers can encounter similar privacy error issues. And, the ways to get rid of them are almost similar to what you’re going to apply to Chrome.

Here, we have listed a few tricks that should dissolve the privacy error on Chrome. Let’s get started.

Inspect the Website Info


The worst instance regarding the privacy error can be triggered by the SSL certificate expiry. If the website’s SSL certificate is no longer valid then you possibly can’t do anything. You can inform the website owner about this and wait till the owner takes any action.

Resolve Public Wi-Fi Network Troubles

Are you currently browsing the internet from a cafe? Then, you might be using the public Wi-Fi connection for uninterrupted browsing. In case you sign into a website without accepting the terms regarding locations then such a privacy error is common. Try to check in to a website that comes without an SSL certificate to check out that nothing’s wrong with your browser or system. Then, reload the page that you were trying.

Browse the Website using Incognito Mode

Image courtesy: Google

Whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac, this trick might resolve your Chrome privacy error. Enter the Incognito mode and load the website. If the website opens up without any seam then the culprit is a particular Chrome extension. Start disabling extensions one by one on your Chrome browser and keep checking which one works.

Deactivate Antivirus

Antivirus software has gone to a new horizon by adding extra safety features. Such antivirus software can block websites that lack SSL certificates. Disable antivirus software on your device and then try loading the page. Make sure that you don’t keep the antivirus disabled too long.

Clean your Browser Junk

Image courtesy: Google

Infinite users have benefited from this simple trick. What you need to do is to clear the browser cache and cookies from Google Chrome. Navigate to the Menu of Chrome and go with More tools. Click on Clear browsing data, and check those boxes that read ‘Cookies and other sites data’, and ‘Cached images and files’. Reload the site and check if the issue persists.

Fetch the Website at Any Cost

We recommend this trick only if you are confident about the site’s security. Otherwise, you should refrain from applying this hack. Basically, this procedure will make an insecure connection between the browser and the website. The error box might be showing an Advanced link at the bottom. Click it and then opt for Proceed to the website.

If nothing’s working then try updating the date and time on your device. An incorrect date and time might invoke the issue. 

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