How to Access Android BootLoader?

After a certain period, Android devices start showing technical glitches to their users. Clearing cache might not help your Android device alone. Rebooting the BootLoader can fix your Android device’s long-term issues. However, what is BootLoader and what does it do?

The BootLoader is a low-level code on your Android device. It detects the Android which software will run at a specific timeline. BootLoader lets mandatory items run when your Android phone goes to recovery mode. Basically, Android systems start-up and respond to the kernel at the command of BootLoader.

Android BootLoader

Before the operating system begins running, the BootLoader needs to be executed. At the first stage of execution, BootLoader senses the external RAM and loads an additional program. In the next stage, BootLoader sets essential services such as memory, network, and all to make the kernel efficiently run. Rebooting the BootLoader isn’t an everyday task but you can access Fastboot to resolve Android issues.

How can you Enter BootLoader?

You might be hesitating a little before rebooting BootLoader. Restarting BootLoader will launch your Android device in BootLoader mode instead of normal mode. And, rest assured, nothing will be deleted from your Android device. Because BootLoader can’t do anything on your phone alone.

If you make any changes with the BootLoader mode then it will impact your Android device. For instance, all your smartphone’s data will be lost if you unlock BootLoader. It might be essential for security reasons on your Android device. However, let’s get back to the method by which you can access BootLoader mode.

Unlock Bootloader on any android device without pc & without root Easily

The following methods should work for most Android devices. Moreover, the process is almost the same for Android phones and tablets.

Samsung Devices

Samsung calls it Download mode instead of BootLoader. To enter bootLoader, hold Power, Volume Down, and Home buttons simultaneously. You need to hold them down unless the Samsung logo appears on your device. As soon as the logo appears, lift your fingers. To exit the Download mode, hold those three buttons at the same time.

If you want to launch the recovery mode, then press Volume Down, Volume Up, and Power buttons at the same time. When the screen dims, release the Volume Down button. However, keep the Volume Up and Power buttons on hold. Maintain those two keys until your device enters the Recovery mode.

HTC Devices

Keep the Volume Down button pressed and press the Power button to drive HTC devices into BootLoader. It is known as Fastboot mode when it comes to HTC devices. 

Google Devices

If you have any Google devices such as Google Pixel 3, Pixel 2, Pixel, Nexus 9, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5x, or similar then you can try this formula for BootLoader. First of all, switch off your Google device. Hold Volume Down and Power buttons altogether until the Fastboot screen displays on the screen.

Motorola Devices

Hold the Power and Volume Down button for a couple of seconds to enter the BootLoader mode.

LG Devices

You need to hold the Power and Volume Down buttons to enter the BootLoader.

Huawei Devices

Be it Honor 10 or Huawei Mate 20 Pro, you need the same process to enter the Fastboot or BootLoader mode. Turn off the device. Next, you need to hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. 

Vivo Devices

Make sure that you have switched off the device. Now, press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons to initiate the BootLoader mode.

OnePlus Devices

Enter Fastboot and Recovery Modes on OnePlus 6/6T [3 Different Ways] | The  Custom Droid

The procedure to launch the bootLoader mode is the same for all OnePlus devices available. Turn off the device. Hold the Volume Up and Power button. When the OnePlus logo turns up, lift your finger from the Power button. But, keep the Volume Up button pressed until the fastboot screen appears.

Nokia Phones

Power off your Nokia device and make sure that you connect the phone to its charger while booting. Hold the Power and Volume Down button altogether. Hold them pressed until the device vibrates. The Download mode will flash and you can notice an android logo, as well.

Xiaomi Devices

Whether you’re using a Xiaomi phone or tablet, use the following instructions to launch the BootLoader mode. Turn off the phone. Press Power and Volume Down keys and keep them held. Instantly release them as soon as you can notice the fastboot screen.

Sony Phones

As usual, switch off the device. Now, hold the Volume down key. Meanwhile, connect the phone to a computer with the help of a USB cable. A blue LED will make sure that your phone has successfully gone to the Bootloader mode.

Realme/Oppo Devices

After switching off the device, hold the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time. Release them after your phone enters the BootLoader state.

Once you have entered the mode you can accomplish the specific task that you want to do with that mode.

Utilize ADB to Reboot BootLoader

If your Android is not listed above, don’t worry; you haven’t missed the chance to reboot the BootLoader mode. You’ll need an ADB (Android Debug Bridge) utility installed on your computer and have to follow the guidelines:

adb reboot bootloader | | Flickr
  1. Go to Settings of your Android device. Next, locate the System option followed by Developer options. From there, you have to activate USB Debugging.
  2. Make a connection between your computer and the Android device.
  3. Run a Command Prompt utility window in the ADB folder. Next, you have to type the command followed by the folder path: adb reboot bootloader.
  4. Press Enter.

This should take your device to the BootLoader mode instantly. After your phone enters the BootLoader mode, you can unlock, relock, flash recovery, and firmware easily. Hopefully, this information helps you.


As we get a special request about the procedure regarding unlocking BootLoader on Samsung Galaxy A205U, here we have got the possible solution for you. Just keep in mind that unlocking the BootLoader will erase everything on your device. So, back up your device immediately before you start the process. In addition to this, you need to install the newest ADB and fastboot software in the C drive of your PC.

  1. We hope that your Samsung Galaxy A205U is turned on. Now, go to Settings. Scroll down and locate the About Phone option. Click on it and then, go with the Software Information.
  2. Now, repeatedly tap 7 to 8 times on Build Number. Press on Developer Options and toggle the OEM unlocking. Make sure that it’s enabled. In addition, activate USB debugging under Developer options.
  3. Connect the phone to your PC with the help of a USB-C cable. If any prompt shows up then allow debugging from that computer. Your PC might take some time to download needed drivers.
  4. After that, explore the ADB folder from C drive. Hold the Shift key and right-click on the window of the ADB folder. Now, choose ‘Open Powershell window here’. Open window command followed by entering the command: adb reboot bootloader. Press Enter afterward.
  5. The device must have entered the FastBoot mode. Now, enter the following command: fastboot flashing unlock. If this doesn’t work then try with this command: fastboot oem unlock.
  6. You should encounter a prompt and you have to hit the Yes button. Press the Power button of your Samsung device and it will unlock the bootloader. This process might fail if you don’t have the latest USB drivers. Repeat the process if you have downloaded them.
  7. Click the Enter option and a message will tell you the vulnerabilities of unlocking the bootloader. Follow on-screen instructions to agree with the bootloader unlocking option.
  8. Then, the Samsung device will enter a factory reset procedure. When it completes, type in the command ‘fastboot reboot’ and press Enter.
  9. Lastly, reboot your Samsung device for a successful bootloader unlocking experience.

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  1. Could you update this article to include the ability to unlock the bootloader on a Samsung Galaxy A205U. Ahmm…this will be a challenge. TNX


  2. Thank you for forwarding the update per my request. I’ll let you/everyone know if the method works for the Galaxy A 205U.


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