What does Google Know About Me?

A lot, probably more than what you are used to thinking of. I’m very sure that you’ve been using Google since you’re a teenager and still using Google Search, Gmail, and obviously an Android device. And, Google is collecting an enormous amount of data for smoothening the end-user experience. The truth about Facebook already shook us and now it has turned to Google and let’s see what Google knows about its users.

However, the privacy policy of Google clearly depicts what kind of data Google has been collecting from its users. You might take a quick look at it. Surprisingly, it’s a sheer amount of data.

What does Google Know about Me according to its Privacy Policy?

What does Google NOT know about me? | Avira Blog

While researching this particular subject, I worked in detail and the data and its vastness really shocked me. Here’s what I have found so on:

  • Google knows my name, age, and gender
  • It has all of my personal contact numbers including the mobile devices and their names
  • Every website activity and history even though I wiped them
  • My home and work address
  • Every Google search I have ever made
  • My personal favorite choices that are my favorite music, ice cream flavor, and similar things
  • YouTube videos that I have watched to date
  • Google Assistant recorded my voice and all its information
  • Google has kept track of where I’ve been since 2012; it includes 15 cities and 546 places
  • More interestingly, it knows that I played jazz music last night

Well, the amount of data collected by Google might vary according to the use of Google products and services. However, you have the authority to limit the data collection of Google to some extent.

How does Google Track Me?

Does Google Interfere in your Personal Life? Google Knows Everything

So, you can clearly imagine how much Google knows about you. Now, the question is how is it doing so. Practically, you are handing over information to Google and it’s just keeping it. Google keeps almost anything you throw at it and history has been saved for several years.

Here are the services through which Google is collecting this huge amount of data:

Google Search

I think Google searches and us are kinda inseparable on a daily basis. You definitely open the Google Search every time you require any information regarding anything. And, google gets to know your search internet, behavior, and much more.

Google Apps

There are lots of Google applications that you use almost every day. Has Google shown you the memory of two years ago today? With every app you sync with your device, Google Docs, Photos, Drive, Calendar, Gmail, and other applications will keep track of your personal information in every form.

Google Apps Menu


This is one of the vastest platforms of video content. And, whatever content you have searched, watched, and saved for future preferences are under Google’s microscope. 

Google Maps

You must have loved Google Maps for its navigation features. But, you are literally giving the application to sneak into your places and it’s keeping location history forever.

Android Devices

Yes, your android smartphone is not out of the modes that Google uses for collecting data from end-users. Google can easily invade your text messages and other installed applications. Google is aware of your gaming addiction and to which particular games, as well.

How Can You Limit Google’s Activities?

How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Computer

If you don’t like such sneaky behavior from Google, you can use DuckDuckGo search and install the Firefox browser. Moreover, you can grab an iPhone rather than having an Android one. If you’re still happy with Google but want to limit data collection, here’s what you can do:

  • Look for Google Activity controls and edit them. Prevent Google from tracking your locations, device details, audio information, watch history of YouTube, and so on.
  • Go through the Privacy Policy of Google and do the needful.
  • Disable Google from sharing your information. Go to Web and App Activity of Google to delete search history. Though Google keeps your search history for a while even when deleted.

However, the thing is that Google isn’t hiding from you whatever it knows about you. Additionally, Google doesn’t sell any details of yours to anyone. You can check out what Google has kept about you and your activities on the web and your Android devices.

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