Why Should We Never Give Up!!!

To answer this question, let’s understand what happens if we give up. 

Suppose, you are fighting for your motherland as a part of the Army, Navy, or any other security forces whose responsibility is to keep people safe. There is an enemy attack and you are there on the ground firing bullets and missiles by being in the background so as to save your life; what happens is at the end of that war the enemy succeeds to win and luckily you survive. 

Your family is happy to see you alive and maybe your kids and many more. But, there are those who are in danger because you fought for yourself and in fact, there can be loss of many lives but it doesn’t bother you because you are safe. You could have changed the story as you were the hero. 

Never give up! - ABA Journal

Now, let’s take another scenario, you are giving your 12th Boards or Higher Secondary exams and you gave your best but somehow wasn’t able to score well and got second division. Now , here you would argue that it was not in our hands as the examiner gives the grades but believe me when I tell you that getting first division was not that tough. 

What will happen here is you won’t get good colleges and in future, you might miss out on many opportunities due to scoring below 60% in Higher Secondary. It’s tough to say all these things from a third person’s point of view but believe me, when I say I understand. And believe me the fight can be won by a few scars and a few extra hours, we just need to push ourselves a little extra. 

Never Give up on Your Dream, Motivational Speeches

Moving on to another circumstance, you are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and your body is not allowing you to recover from the scars caused inside the brain. People will come and give you lots of pieces of advice like you are ok, and go out, do some exercises, eat good food, play sports and talk to your friends and so on and so forth. But I can tell you nothing would work until you make believe that you can recover from it and trust me, it won’t be easy but you might have heard this line many a time that – You are more powerful than your brain and in the end, you can and you will. 

Giving up is very easy and not much can change but the world listens to those who have a stubborn heart and gets up every time he/she/other falls down. 

At the end I would like to end my never ending monologue with few quotes

“Khudi ko kar buland itna ki upar wala tujhse puche, bata bande Teri raza kya hain” which loosely translates into – “Make yourself so powerful that one day your almighty asks you tell me what do you wish for”. 

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“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up” which means even failures can’t win in front of a person who just keeps on trying no matter what the situation is. 

So, my friends will leave you with a point to ponder upon. Just imagine the outcome of what can happen if you stop giving up on anything……… 

Before I leave you with your thoughts, I want to dedicate a song, especially for you. Have faith in yourself and conquer the world as a Believer!

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