Content Writer: A Day from the Life

Content has become a more generic name to everything available online to be viewed or read by the audience. The content can be so compelling that it can convince visitors to make their minds to purchase the product or hire the service. And, those who write such content are called content writers. Why am I sharing this information today? 

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Well, I am a full-time content writer and I’ve been creating content for almost two years now. What is a content writer? Anyone who professionally plans and writes web content, moreover edit content for smooth publishing online is called a content writer. Every day, I have to meet up the deadline by writing digital content. There’s a myth that writing content is super-easy and anyone can do that. I am not saying that content writing is beyond everyone’s capabilities. What I’m trying to say is that content writers don’t only write or copy from the web.

Let me introduce you to my everyday routine and some facts about content writing. Who knows, the information might help you discover your skills to become a content writer?

What does a Content Writer Write?

Frankly speaking, there’s no boundary to the types of content, especially in today’s digital world. Contents can be broadly categorized as blogs, e-mails, website articles, social media posts, advertisement copies, and whatnot. Does it feel interesting all the time or do I really enjoy my work?

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I won’t lie to you. Sometimes, I feel like shouting in a void while crafting any content. And sometimes, it really feels good to learn so many things every day. I receive different projects from versatile clients. The range of subjects might start with retail, education, high-tech tools, fashion and it can stretch up to lifestyle, healthcare, motivation, and much more.

How do I Write a Content?

Be it a blog, social media post, or anything else, I need to do a lot of research first. I have to move on according to my clients’ demands for articles. Let’s discover what it looks like when I write content.


Before I open the word application to write anything, I have to look for the trending topics and what’s streaming in the market. After I get a clear idea regarding hot topics and campaign strategies for clients, it’s time to take a look at the appropriate keywords. The analysis lets me know what people are searching for.

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Then, I take help from the search engine to get to know how other businesses are performing and what I should be addressing in the content. On the other hand, a conversation with clients keeps things simplified for me. I think quality content should bear data and relevant information from multiple resources. Otherwise, things can get biased.

In addition, SEO plays an important role in deciding the gradient of the content. Search engine optimized content is the key to be on the right track as a content writer. I use definite tools to keep an eye on popular keywords and long-tail keywords. As a content writer, a clear concept regarding keywords is significant.

Write Content

Now, when I’m done with all associated research I’m ready to imagine the background of the article as per the subject. I go through studies, information, and data that my clients have formulated. In addition, a content outline can be very specific. I do have to care about headers, keyword spacings, bullet points, and much more. 


Thoughts you get when you are a first time content writer

Personal research might be fun but it might not offer the actual whereabouts in the market. Technical digital writing can be a bit complicated if you don’t receive feedback or reports regarding how your content is doing on the online platforms. To make sure that I never lose the tone, I stay in touch with a subject matter expert.

Anything I Missed?

Once I’m done with writing a piece of content, it’s time to proofread the content. In case I find any mistakes, I edit the content. After that, I have to pass it to the professional who can proceed with the leftover steps to publish the content. So, if you find these strategies fun and challenging then content writing is for you.

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As a content writer, you need to marry content writing with SEO. The entire process is delicate and it requires the right touches to make the content SEO-friendly. The job of a content writer doesn’t end with blogs and larger articles. To keep audiences interacting with business, content writers have to craft social media posts, e-mail, and similar content. So, we just don’t write; we write in such a way that can trigger the sales or revenue of companies. If you have any queries regarding content writing or how to pursue it, let me know in the comments section below.

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