Bengali: Is it Really the Sweetest Tongue in the World?

Remember the time, when social media posts outburst supporting the fact that Bengali has been declared as the sweetest language by UNESCO? It surprised me and felt thrilling as well. However, when I researched properly to learn if this was true then found no evidence regarding the news. Well, the news can be fake but it can’t deny that the Bengali language does have some magical essence.

Is the Bengali Language Losing its Importance for the New Generation?

The entire globe admires the land of literature, fine arts, music, and rich culture- Bengal. Undoubtedly, the most spoken tongue here has to be passionate. Currently, Bengali or Bangla is spoken mostly in West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Across India, there are countless Bongs who feel unhesitant and happy while talking in their mother tongue.

Apart from India, Bangladesh has declared Bengali as the national language. The citizens of Bangladesh have sacrificed their lives in order to gain the right to assign Bengali as the official language for the entire nation in 1952. To honour the sacrifice, International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year.

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So, you can clearly interpret that the Bengali language is not just a language anymore; it’s more than emotions, love, and simplicity. If rosogollas can taste heavenly sweet then imagine how sweet Bangla can sound!

Does Bengali Deserve the Tag of Sweetness to Prove its Relevance?

I don’t think so. If you ask me which language appears to be the sweetest of all the seven thousand languages in the world, I would definitely vote for my native language. Because I barely know the rest of them. So, conducting a survey to decide the sweetness of different languages is not so simple.

In addition, how can the sweetness of any language be measured? I think that every language is very special to its native people. But, yes, Bengali sounds pretty amazing due to simplified pronunciations of vowels and consonants. Bengali words sometimes add an extra ‘o’ to make them even sweeter. Examples? ‘Basant’ is pronounced as ‘Bosonto’.

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Moreover, the vocabulary of Bengali is a melting pot of different tongues. Derived from Sanskrit mainly, Bengali has adopted a good amount of words and styles from Hindi, Persian, Arabic, French, and English. The Bengali vocabulary is the amalgamated form of all these languages.

National anthems of both India and Bangladesh have been written by Rabindranath Tagore. And, the language is Bengali. No doubt why the anthems have so many influence factors in them. The anthem of India sets the shivering down the spine when every Indian sings it.


Rabindranath Tagore created the most romantic poems in Bengali. He was honoured with the Nobel Prize as the first Indian for translating Gitanjali into English. This made the world realize how sweet Bengali can be. 

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Have you ever heard of ‘Aami tomake valobasi’? This means ‘I love you’ in Bengali. You can express your feelings with more than your heart out by pronouncing those three words. Feel the sincerity and wow-ness with Bangla!

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