How to Organize Home Office Desk: 5 Useful Hacks

Hey guys, we are back with some effective tips that can ease your life under remote working circumstances. Are you still working from home? The work-from-home culture might appear cozy and productive, but the reality is different. Even most of the employees literally struggle to reach their working deadlines due to the clutter and lack of organization at the home desk. When discipline and inspiration go missing from life, there’s no chance of growing your career opportunities.

10 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

Science has supported the fact that clutter can distract your mindset from your goals. So, don’t lag behind your schedule and get back to the streamline with the following home desk organizing ideas.

Keep the Desk as Minimalist as Possible

Your home desk is the signature style of your home-office environment. As a part of interior designing, we would advise you to keep the desk accessories simple. If you indulge in the vast number of accessories on your desk, they will scatter here and there. Eventually, they’re of no use in organizing your desk.

The Minimalist Home Office: 5 Tips to Organize Your Workspace and Get More  Done! • Part-Time Money®

The solution lies in your hand. Just stick to the only essential devices and accessories you need for your work. For example, your laptop, smartphone, tablet, pens in a holder. If pieces of paper are crawling on your desk then how about a stacked drawer? Plenty of options are available online when you look for a stacked drawer.

Eliminate Paper Stress

Papers can take control of your workspace if you don’t stop them. When you are about to organize your home desk, you might come across thousands of papers. There are mostly three ways to deal with paperwork. First of all, you can throw it into the bin. But, don’t forget to check every single paper before you toss them.

The Smart Ways to Store Important Papers | Paper organization, Organizing  important papers, Organizing important documents

Another option that you can afford is to carry out the action that the paper requires. The last option is to make space for the papers in your filing system. Mark those files with labels such as ‘Medical’, ‘Housing’, ‘Insurance, ‘Financial’ along with years. However, if you aren’t sure whether the paper is important or not, then you can make a digital scan of it. You can apply this trick if the document appears to be older than 14 years or so.

Categorize and Contain them

If your home office desk has a drawer then you might be growing a nasty habit: throw everything into them. This disrupts the efficiency of drawers. They are meant for keeping your desk clean but it doesn’t mean that you keep them cluttered. At the end of the day, you’ll lose your important USB drive or that business card that you have to close the deal with.

14 Best Drawer Organizer and Dividers 2020 | The Strategist

The quick remedy to this chaos is to use clear containers to keep different tools, writing accessories, business essentials, gadgets, etc in their designated places. Keep tools such as staple, hole puncher, cutter in a single container. Similarly, you can keep the calculator, checkbook, and other budgetary things in a different container. It’s up to you how you want them organized. So that you can find the exact thing that you’re looking for when you open the drawer the very next time.

Let the Shelves Float

Well, not in the air, obviously. Use the wall space beside or in front of your home desk for this floating shelf idea. Bring out maximum space out of your chic office by hanging some shelves. If you’re running out of space for keeping your wallet, phones, or the book you’re reading then floating shelves would be a head-turner for you.

DIY Office and Floating Desk - Katie Lamb

All you need are some wooden shelves, a hammer, a measuring tape, and a few nails. Use this DIY trick to avail of some extra space. If the shelves are strong enough then you can put artworks to inspire and motivate yourself.

Finish with Digital Renovations

Similar to your physical desk organization, don’t overlook the health of your digital devices. Check your desktop; if it’s flooded with stray files, folders, and applications that you hardly click, keep them aside. Implement a new folder and keep everything unessential out of your sight just by pasting them into the folder.

Scanning Services or Scanning In Office | Record Nations

Schedule your tasks with digital calendars and keep the notifications on. Well, that’s it, we swear. You need not go in a deep cleaning procedure or high organization regime to bring your work culture back to you. Make sure that your surroundings are not cluttered (even by cables; go wireless then). Let’s hope the pandemic ends soon and we all can head back to the office sooner.

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