Digha 一 The Goa of West Bengal

DiPuDa is the all-time favourite set of destinations for holidays, well, among Bengalis. If you didn’t catch the term DiPuDa, then it’s Digha-Puri-Darjeeling. And, we are here today to explore the first one in the trio, Digha. Talking about its geological coordinates, Digha is situated in the district called East Midnapore of West Bengal. 

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But, the reason why Digha is famous is its never-ending sea beaches. If you’re planning for a short beach vacation for your family then Digha is going to keep it simple yet gorgeous. Let’s find out what you shouldn’t miss when you plan to visit the new Digha sea beach or old Digha one.

Of Course, Sea Beaches

If you think that Digha will fail to give you an adrenaline surge then think again. Because the New Digha beach is full of fun activities, they might range from horse riding to motorboat rafting, jet skiing. However, the New Digha beach is a man-made beach and it’s known for shallow and low-gradient sand beaches.

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People who like a quiet atmosphere and have a toast with friends on a calm evening then Shankarpur is another sea beach that can be visited. On the other hand, Talasari beach is our personal favourite. Sometimes, most tourists miss this spot. But we do recommend everyone to experience the golden hue of sand of Talasari beach that is just 8 kilometers away from Digha. In addition, the place is popular for witnessing crawling red crabs.

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In case you want to experience the authentic Digha ambiance then you should spend an evening at the Old Digha beach. Enjoy the breeze of the Bay of Bengal with some mouthful street-food or exotic sea-foods available at the Old Digha beach.

Tourists go to Udaipur in search of virgin beaches around Digha. You can rent a bike and get some Kodak moments on this deserted seashore. Enjoy watching fishermen fishing and boating at Udaipur beach. If you fancy surprise and sunset events then you can choose any of the tranquil beaches at Digha and capture those moments in your smartphone.

Chandaneswar Temple

Devoted to Lord Shiva, the Chandaneswar temple is a must-have on your Digha trip. The temple is located near the Bengal-Odisha border. According to folklore, the temple is more than two-century-old. The temple was constructed following the traditional Baro-Chala architecture of Bengal. The temple receives huge traffic in the Bengali month of Chaitra (March-April) due to hosting the Charak Mela every year.

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It stands for Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre. Situated near the Digha Railway Station, you can experience the biodiversity of Digha just right here. Be it freshwater or marine life, you will find a full encyclopedia of Digha water animals. Every discovered species is mentioned here and the fun fact is that you can enter MARC for free.

The Marine Aquarium : Zoological Survey of India
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MARC Digha : Zoological Survey of India
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What are the biggest attractions of MARC? The exhibition in the attached museum consists of the 42-feet-long real Bryde’s whale skeleton. And, this is known as the member of the family of the baleen whale. The body was found on the coast of Digha Mohana and the year was 2012.


Apart from MARC, you can go to Digha Science Centre and National Science Camp. It comprises a 3D theatre, a light and sound show featuring Jurassic Park, a planetarium, and a biotechnology boot camp. Additionally, Amarabati Park will welcome you with colourful seasonal flowers and lush greenery. If you are with children then this spot will be serene for them. Enjoy boating, toy-train ride, and cable-car ride here, only.

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In case you like exotic sea foods such as marine fishes, crabs, lobsters, and much more, then Digha beaches are full of them. Just, don’t forget to carry some medication for stomach pain or related disorders, as a safety precaution. If you have got a break from work for 3 to 4 days and your gut is itching for a trip, then Digha is the perfect destination to enjoy with friends as well as families.

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