Jhal-Muri(Spicy Puffed Rice) – The Street Food of Kolkata

Food that is too street food and spicy, tingles your taste bud a bit. Yes so you got it right. Today we are going to make a very spicy and unique street food that has been introduced from the streets of Kolkata and Bangladesh. And, it is now widely used as an evening snack.

This food is mostly a misunderstood one as people mostly confuse it with its doppelganger snack i.e Bhelpuri widely used across India .

The major difference between these two snacks is their way of preparation which is whereas Jhal-muri is normally served dry, Bhel Puri on the other hand is served with various sauces and chutneys and is mostly wet in its nature.

This spicy Jhal Muri is so delicious in its taste and flavours that it swims around your various taste buds and gives the ultimate foodgasm in its senses.

People traveling through trains get served by the vendors selling these Jhal Muris in its most catchy and authentic manner rather than having it in a fancy restaurant.

Ingredients Required:

  1. Laal Muri (Puffed Rice)
  2. Chanachur(Mixture/Bombay mix)
  3. Boiled potato
  4. Freshly chopped cucumber
  5. Coriander leaves
  6. Chopped Tomatoes, Onions and Green Chillies (also green chilli paste needed)
  7. Jhal Muri Masala/Spice Mix ( if you don’t get that then a mix of coriander powder, red chilli powder and a bit of black salt )
  8. Bengal Gram and Yellow Chickpeas
  9. Oil from Green Mango Pickle with lime juice
  10. Coconut 

We would start the process now:

  • First, chop all the required stuff like potatoes – very minutely chopped, then the onions and tomatoes in different container
Image Courtesy: Google
  • Take Muri and Chanachur and Mix it Nicely. And, put it in the container where chopped items are there
Image Courtesy: Google
  • Put Bhaja Masala / Jhal Muri Mix in it and stir well 
  • Add 10 g of Bengal Gram, freshly chopped cucumber and yellow chickpeas
Image Courtesy: Google
  • Mix it with finely chopped coconut and spice it up with oil from mango pickle
Image Courtesy: Google
  • Finally mix it up and stir it with lime juice and serve it in a plate

Jhalmuri is ready to be eaten and should be finished without keeping to time otherwise it won’t be that fresh and crispy.

Try the recipe out and let us know how much you loved it. And, keep following us for more lip-smacking ideas.

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