Information Technology- The Coming of Age Career

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From browsing usual queries on search engines to checking WhatsApp texts, everything is related to Information Technology. Be it cloud computing, storage, networking, or infrastructure associated with computers, you have to take help from none other than Information Technology. 

Businesses of every scale are encountering potential benefits due to the implementation of Information Technology processes. Besides this, IT lets you connect with government organizations, bringing positive change to society, and transforming the usual way of education into interesting. Well, the derivations from the IT industry are literally endless. 

That’s why IT is emerging as the latest career option for students. Let’s find out the reasons behind selecting IT courses for a prosperous career.

Why should we choose IT as our career:

Many times I have come across individuals thinking of taking higher education and getting confused about which field to move into. This was the same doubt I had when I started my higher education after completing School. As I did my +2 or Senior High with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths and an extra subject which was Physical Education and had been told that Engineering or Bachelors of Technology was the only option. 

Now when I look back I feel we people have many options to choose from and what we choose defines our future. So if we talk about IT or Information Technology as a future, I believe it is the coming of age Subject which broadens your horizon in getting to know the nitty-gritty of the technologies happening around you. So If you have chosen Engineering and are thinking of taking a stream or have already taken IT as a stream I congratulate you all for making the best decision in your life.

Now, this is for everyone residing in any parts of the world you might know or are familiar with the current scenario happening which has taken the world by storm, I feel this is the best time to self introspect our decisions as we as an individual have been more prone to Online or Internet which is a part of IT and this would be the next big thing as everyone seems to be dependent on it in some way or the other.

Well, if I talk about the opportunities, the market is changing rapidly and we are evolving accordingly. So there would be enormous opportunities in the field of IT. Companies that you might be familiar with like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Netflix, Facebook are looking for dynamic individuals who have a craze and passion to take their career ahead in IT.

You can have a look at this URL for more information-

Also, I want you to know that I understand how you are going through, so I must suggest you do a lot of research and more profoundly ask someone in your neighbourhood or vicinity who has taken this field of education to get a better understanding and accordingly decide your next course of action.

We will talk about growing technologies in my next blog and how we should adapt to this changing scenario.

Thanks for listening and giving your time. Hope you all are well and taking good care of yourself. See you all in my next blog.

                                                                               ~ ADIOS

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